Why study in India?


India is an enigma. It´s a vast country, home to a fascinating mix of culture and traditions, combined with 21st century technology and a fast-growing economy. Dubbed the world´s most multidimensional destination, it offers the visitor pristine beaches, snow-capped mountains, traditional villages, mega-metropolises, and an amazingly diverse culinary experience.


India is also home to over 17,000 colleges and almost 400 universities, offering world class facilities to its students, both local and international. Studying in India is a great way to get to know the landscape, giving you plenty of opportunities for travel and adventure over the holidays, and a chance to get a hands-on experience of this fascinating country.

Studying in India, you won´t only get a chance to travel and experience the country´s rich cultural tapestry; you´ll also be paying less for a quality education. Tuition costs in India are significantly lower than in many other countries, and the standard of education is high. In addition to this, scholarships are also available for foreign students.